Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Blackish for Yearbook

Hay people, this is Busje. One day, Jusje is in a yearbook photo session with her college mate in Medical Faculty. And I think her outfit was so awesome. She likes black (contrast with her light skin tone, actually), and for the photosession she wore all black with blue accent. I love this♥

Adik #4

Adik #3

Sister #2

Sister #1

Jusje wore: black long sleeves shirt (Executive), black skirt (tailor made), black stocking (Ceil), brown shoes (Beegle), bag (Roxy)

I'm so sorry with the low resolution pictures, unintentionally my phone camera was in VGA setting. Picture below is Jusje imitating Sulhee (Kim Heechul of Super Junior's funny twitpic)

Imitating Sulhee

2 komentar:

  1. So, what do you supposed to be, a traveller or a model? that's the most important question based on the pictures above hehehe lol

    btw, nice to know you, cheers!!! ;=)

  2. Hay, nice to know you too :)
    I love traveling and fashion both, and it is okay to do them both. But I don't think to be a model, hahaha.