Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

Me and Fashion

Hay! Busje now here! I’m not a fashion blogger, actually. Though I love to post my photo with different clothes, or following many different fashion blogs, and some of friends said that I’m kinda stylish in campus. Huahaha… In fact, I don’t really care with the way I look, and you know what, I can wear the same outfit in the same week. I only have few daily clothes in my wardrobe.

How I describe my style…

Basically, I’m a department store girl. When girls at my age loves to shop in boutiques or special clothing stores that only sell one item for one piece of dress, so there’s no one else have the same clothes as theirs. But me? I ever met my friend wearing the same outfit as mine in my campus, and we just laughed together!!! For me, it doesn’t matter that someone else wearing the same cloth as mine, because it will always look different, depend on who wore the cloth and how they wore the cloth ;)

Couple years ago, I loved to be a very-different person, look strange or weird was my fashion statement. I loved to wear mini skirt over the pipe jeans trousers, or tied pashmina around my belly. Sounds weird, huh? Yeah. I thought that mainstream fashion is only for people who have more money to buy that (damn) good clothes, and feminine character. Me? I’m not that rich to afford the clothes, I was a (very) tomboy girl and had no taste on fashion at all. I didn’t really like grooming, not even wore good looking clothes or put any make ups. I thought it made me look natural and honest, not hiding anything underneath the clothes or make up.

Lately, I become more paying attention of my look. My father said, “Good grooming represent that you have good respect of yourself. So, grooming well, and people will respect you,”. That’s really changed my mind about fashion. Fashion is a part of good grooming, and if you could see wider, fashion is not about wearing an expensive exclusive branded clothes, but it is how you wear even an ordinary or unbranded clothes to be look good and fit on you, your body and your character. Also, comfy is a must, no bargain.

I prefer to be look very simple and casual for daily activities: going to campus, survey, etc. I look just like any other girls in campus, with shirts, jeans, jacket, canvas shoes, and glasses. Very ordinary. My mother told me that a girl should put any accessories to complete the look, so I also wear accessories, such as earrings, necklace, bracelets. I only wear two rings in my sweet-fingers (anyone know what is “jari manis” in English??), one in the right is from my mother, a small sparkling ring, and one in the left is a silver ring I bought in Bali when I was in high school. Usually, I didn’t put any make ups on my face, only few touch of powder and lip balm. My sister puts full make up every day, and she also teach me how to use make up, especially eye-shadowing and eye-linering, I always weak on doing it.

My daily outfit, I put batik outer top to give unique touch

For special occasions, actually I love traditional fabrics, especially batik. A while ago, I loved batik hunting with my girl-bestfriend, looking for new and fresh designs, and then take it to the tailor. My favorite tailor is actually my driver’s wife, so I could get the very cheap charge, yay!!! *bounce bounce* So now, I have more semi-to-formal clothes in my wardrobe and not much worry when I have to attend some semi-to-formal events. Besides, I now also love to wear pretty shoes. Remember, in one episode in Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden/Boys Before Flower, there’s a nice quote about shoes, “Beautiful shoes will take you to beautiful place,”. For shoes partner, there’s one of my favorite fashion item, stocking. I don’t know, I feel uncomforted, especially when I wear short skirt, without a pair of stockings. Make ups? As usual, I adjusted it with my dress tone. I also make experiment in eye-shadowing. Again, my sister teach me how to use it correctly. How can she become so good-skilled in make up? She learns (and inspired) from Michelle Phan, a young make up artist.

I love batik and any Indonesian traditional clothes

I love earthy colors, like terracotta orange, soil brown, or leaf green, plus sky blue. Solid colors I loved is white. But why I put “pink” in my blog name? Because my sister ever told me that I look good in pink, oh really? LOL. Yup, I have too many pieces in earthy color. I don’t know what influenced me. Some said that Taurus is fitted in that earthy colors, I’m quite sure, in fact, some of my Taurean friends also love these colors and they look good on it.

I love this outfit the most! Earthy color, simple and comfort

My inspiration on fashion is come from many sources, books, magazines, fashion blogs, cosplay, etc. I’m not strictly fixing on my style in one style like vintage or modern or edgy or retro or you-name-it etc. My personal fashion statement is simple and a bit unique, whatever the style-name is. But the most important is… COMFORT!

Hahaha, I laughed after finish edited this picts, I looks like zooming my size :D

Here’s some of my favorite inspiring bloggers, I don’t make any border or theme, but I’m sure you will know how my personal taste is. Enjoy blog walking and get inspired.

PS: also check out my personal blog Pink Cat's Labyrinth, thank you!

Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Blackish for Yearbook

Hay people, this is Busje. One day, Jusje is in a yearbook photo session with her college mate in Medical Faculty. And I think her outfit was so awesome. She likes black (contrast with her light skin tone, actually), and for the photosession she wore all black with blue accent. I love this♥

Adik #4

Adik #3

Sister #2

Sister #1

Jusje wore: black long sleeves shirt (Executive), black skirt (tailor made), black stocking (Ceil), brown shoes (Beegle), bag (Roxy)

I'm so sorry with the low resolution pictures, unintentionally my phone camera was in VGA setting. Picture below is Jusje imitating Sulhee (Kim Heechul of Super Junior's funny twitpic)

Imitating Sulhee